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The term “Green Tech” refers to technologies, products or services that are designed to meet the needs of society while reducing environmental impact. Air and water pollution, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, waste management and the preservation of natural resources are at the heart of the problems addressed by these green technologies.

We are all familiar with Green Tech including clean energy production technologies, such as solar and wind power, electric cars or recycling and waste management technologies.

In the cosmetics sector, “Green Tech” is developing with the aim of reducing environmental impact and manufacturing more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Green technologies can be used at different levels of cosmetic production, for example:

  • Use of natural and organic ingredients: Products are formulated using natural and organic ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals.
  • Use of sustainable packaging: Packaging can be done in sustainable and recyclable packaging, rather than single-use packaging which can contribute to plastic waste.
  • Use of eco-responsible production techniques: Green Tech cosmetics can be produced using eco-responsible production techniques, such as the use of renewable energy, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and management of waste.

At JOD we have chosen to integrate natural active ingredients from a patented French biotechnology: biocellular plant culture.

A certain number of our active ingredients come from this technique of culturing plant cells under controlled conditions to produce plant extracts used in cosmetics.

This technique has many advantages over traditional methods such as the preservation of natural resources.

Indeed, biocellular culture makes it possible to obtain plant extracts without the need to collect plants from nature. Selecting a few millimeters of a plant will make it possible to reproduce billions of plant cells.

Thanks to this method, the consistent quality of the extracts is ensured. The plant extracts obtained are more uniform in terms of chemical composition and quality than those obtained by traditional extraction.

This new technology also makes it possible to meet the growing demand for natural cosmetics through the production of large quantities of plant extracts and active ingredients.

Discover the active ingredients from Green Tech at the heart of our formulas.